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The aim of the “Culture of Attractions” database is to gather digitalised reproductions of all existing historical sources on the history of cinema and related entertainment in the beginning of the 20th century (before 1918) from the area of Polish territories colonised by Russia (so called Congress Poland).

The database is using Omeka, an open source content management system for online digital collections developed by Roy Rosenzweig Centre for History and New Media. It is a digital humanities tool intended to help researchers in the field of cultural history. The database facilitates access to dispersed historical sources such as:

  • press news and articles
  • cinema programmes
  • advertisements of entertainment venues
  • pictures and images
  • leaflets and posters
  • architectural plans

The database is conceived and developed by Łukasz Biskupski - a researcher in the field of cultural history of cinema and other visual media from the Institute of Cultural Studies of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS in Warsaw. The origin of the collection is the set of historical sources gathered during the work on the book “The City of Attractions. Cinema and other visual delights in Łódź before 1914” (National Centre for Culture, 2013). The second stage in the development of the database was research in other regions of Congress Poland conducted within the project “Popular culture and early cinema in the Polish lands under Russian rule 1890-1914” funded by the Polish National Programme for the Development of Humanities (Ministry of Science and Higher Education) in the years 2013-2015. The collection will be extended within further research projects.


dr Łukasz Biskupski, lukasz.biskupski@swps.edu.pl

Postal address

dr Łukasz Biskupski

Uniwersytet SWPS
Instytut Kulturoznawstwa
Pok. N105
Ul. Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warszawa